Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tommy Turtle

This little guy is called Tommy Turtle. He comes from the same part of the country as the little red crab. As a matter of fact they are great friends. I made him by finding a simple picture in a children's coloring book and cutting him out. Then I traced around him on green paper and cut out the shape. Next I traced around just the shell on a green, blue and white paisley and hand drew in the shapes on his shell. I smudged each spot and a little around his head and feet, painted his toenails red (hey, maybe this turtle is Tomette) and glued the shell to the body. I gave him some eyes from the little pieces left over from using QuicKutz font Sunshine. I think his eyes are from the center of letter P. Also used that font for the word "Hi!" I hand drew a couple of flowers and cut out some grass free form. After a little pen work, glue all together, and adding a button the card was ready to send. Hope you enjoy Tom.

1 comment:

  1. HOW CUTE!!! I just love your turtle!!!