Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Brother is a Blessing

Since cards using vintage photographs are among my very favorites, I thought you might enjoy this one created especially for a brother.

The cardstock is white and is A2 size. I cut a piece of my own "homemade" paper 1/4 of an inch smaller than the stock and adhered to the front. I squared off the photo and matted it on a piece of brown cardstock and adhered it at a bit of an angle. Then I rubber stamped several postmarks, added a few old stamps, used a simple flower rub-on and glued on buttons. I always use a heavy string or beadspread cotton to tie through the holes on buttons. After all, buttons should be secured with thread. Right? The comment was created on my computer with a free Internet font called 1942 report.

I found the old photo at a yard sale and had some prints made at the local "Quick Print" on their color copier. Actually, I positioned 9 pictures on a page with a little bit of double stick tape and made several copies, all for around a dollar each.

The background paper is made with old postcards, family letters, and wills, layered and laid at interesting angles. Almost any old documents will work. The more faded, stained, yellowed, and worn the better. Only a color copier will give you really good results. Experiment and send me a picture of your designer paper and I'll post it on my site for others to be inspired.

This could be a wonderful way to surprise a brother with a card. Find an old picture of him or perhaps one of some of your ancestors and go on from there. If you have questons, please email me.


  1. Brenda, I saw you joined my blog so I was checking yours out to see if I knew you and where you are from. Your artwork is beautiful, I'll have to show my wife. I hope you find my blog interesting, post a comment sometime and let me know what you think.

    Roger Lightner

  2. This is great Brenda. I love collage style cards but I'm not very good at them, I struggle to balance all the elements into a nice layout instead of a mess. I'm very impressed with yours, it's lovely. Nicki, xx.