Monday, May 4, 2009

Last of the Laos Stamp Cards - Dream

O.K. I promise this will be the last of the Laos Stamp Cards, although there is another one lurking around somewhere. This one was a lot of fun because of all the exotic oriental images I found to use on it.

On the Internet there is a site with pictures of bank notes from every country. Some of them are beautiful works of art. I copied and pasted this one, being careful to use only part of it and also made it a bit smaller than the real one would have been. I don't want to be a counterfeiter. Whew! Also, I covered the picture of a man at the center of the note with a postmark. I chose navy, hot pink, and gold for the color scheme. You can see I pulled it from the peacock stamp. The ginko and dragonfly were rubber stamped, colored and cut out before being added. The buttons are from my stash and the flower is a silk flower, pulled apart and glued on with a tiny gold brad in the center.

Look around and use what you have on hand. I believe it is Jenni Bowlin that says "re-use, and re-purpose". She is the queen of that.

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