Monday, November 22, 2010

I've had such fun today creating jewelry for "Lady Algermath", a steampunk matriarch from my imagination. 

Here is a excerpt from her story: 

From a time that never was comes a design that was created especially for "Lady Algermath".  This was to adorn her cape as she accepted the scepter of leadership from her young general Torrence Ladore on the day she began her reign as queen of steampunk society after defeating Baron Dondragor at the epic Battle of Aragon.  She remained queen until she peaceably flew away in her steam powered airship and was never seen again.

Created from the back plate of the precision timepiece worn by the defeated Baron Dondragor, this timeless work of art exhibits many meaningful archaic symbols. The face of time flanked by the wings of Persius, the sacred lotus blossom rendered in intricate brass filigree, and the 7 crystals of Loman who holds the seven secrets, are just a few.