Monday, November 22, 2010

I've had such fun today creating jewelry for "Lady Algermath", a steampunk matriarch from my imagination. 

Here is a excerpt from her story: 

From a time that never was comes a design that was created especially for "Lady Algermath".  This was to adorn her cape as she accepted the scepter of leadership from her young general Torrence Ladore on the day she began her reign as queen of steampunk society after defeating Baron Dondragor at the epic Battle of Aragon.  She remained queen until she peaceably flew away in her steam powered airship and was never seen again.

Created from the back plate of the precision timepiece worn by the defeated Baron Dondragor, this timeless work of art exhibits many meaningful archaic symbols. The face of time flanked by the wings of Persius, the sacred lotus blossom rendered in intricate brass filigree, and the 7 crystals of Loman who holds the seven secrets, are just a few.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sixty four short years ago, just 7 minutes into the new day, I came into this world.  I was counted as a blessing to my parents who had been married 7 years and been "trying" for a child for a long time.  My dad was 42 at the time and my mother was 27. 

They were the blessings, to me.  My dad was Sunday School superintendent, at the time, at North Ballard Baptist Church; a thriving country church of some 75-85 souls.  The first Sunday after I was born, he stood before the church to tell them of his new daughter.  My mother recounted on many occasions what he said: "I have a new daughter, her name is Brenda Kay, and as much as I love her, I would rather she had never been born, than to know she would not be born again". 

What a legacy they left behind.  They believed that God should be put first, family second and work third.  They not only believed it, they lived it.  We didn't work on Sunday, even if the hay was left in the field to the rain, or the yard needed mowing, all were left for another day.  My dad would stop working in the field to take me to a ball game or fishing, if I wanted.  He said there would always be work to do.  I'm so glad he did.  We spent so many wonderful hours fishing, hunting, picking blackberries, and camping on the lake.  We crammed a lot into the 21 years I lived at home and he went home to be with the Lord when I was just 27.  Mom never preached,(in a pulpit, that is), she preached everywhere else.  She never went to do missions, but she was a missionary every where she went.  When Mom died, at 88-1/2 years of age, she couldn't tell you her name or mine, but she could still sing Amazing Grace.  I know she is singing it still!

All to say, what a blessed, Blessed, BLESSED life I have enjoyed.  Thank You, Lord for all you have given me in these wonderful 64 years.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Winter Berry Earrings

Winter Berry Dainty and Lovely Jade EarringsThese winter berry earrings made it into a Treasury today.   They are jade, Czech pressed glass, and two sweet antique brass bead caps. 

It's Still Summer and Still No Rain

I've been rather lax about keeping water out for the birds this summer; although I water the plants every day, and most of them have big saucers underneath where water collects for several hours.  I have often seen the birds drinking in those.  Today I put a big pan under the old flowering cherry tree and filled it with two gallons of fresh water.  The birds came in droves.  At one time I counted nine all drinking together.  They came all afternoon.  So, I made a drip waterer for them on the patio, sat in the swing and waited to see what would happen.  They loved it, maybe better, because they could splash around in it.  I sat quietly for over an hour just watching them and enjoying the cool shade, the comfortable swing, and one of the last days of summer.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Someone on Etsy Liked My Little Raspberry Earrings

Yea!  It's always fun when someone thinks my silly little creations are good enough to be in an Etsy Treasury.  These make it today:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer's End is in Sight

The "frog belly" is in full bloom, and a beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail has come to sip the sweet nectar.  I wish I could sip too, and taste this wonderful end of summer banquet. 

There have been dozens of beautiful butterflies on this one group of plants over the last few days.  Wish I had taken more pictures.

As a matter of notice, there have been more butterflies this summer than I can remember in a long time.  Could it be because it has been so very, very dry?