Friday, May 8, 2009

I think one of the most fun ways to make cards is to incorporate into the making something from your past.
When I was about 10, I collected stamps. Money was in short supply, but my Mom occasionally let me have enough to send off for packets of "free" stamps. Back then, 52 years ago, free really meant free. So, I would get a 6 cent stamp, cut out the ad from a magazine, fill out my address, etc., and send it off in one of Mom's envelopes.
It was an exciting day when the mail carrier left me a big packet of free stamps. Now, I must admit, along with the free stamps were several packets that I could buy for just a small amount. And, occasionally, I had enough pennies saved to buy a packet or two. I probably spent less than a dollar at the most. One time I received a packet with four stamps from Laos. They were all of elephants, and were the most beautiful I had ever seen. I bought them for a few pennies and treasured them from that day to this.
For this card (5in x 7in), I made a photocopy of those stamps. You can see how I cut out one stamp (now I have a stamp border pair of sizzors, but not then), and mounted it on complimentary paper. The background paper is scrapbooking paper. The paper on right is torn and glued on top of that. A rub-on, letters, brads and ribbon completes this card. Make your own "Dare to Dream" card and send me a picture. I'll put in on this blog.
As always, hoping to hear from lots of you.

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