Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caged Skull and Dove of Peace

Although I generally create jewelry for the mainstream, I do love to dabble in pieces a bit more macabre.  There is just something I like about the itty bitty skull beads.  When I found this cage, I knew what I wanted to put into it - a skull. 

This silly little creation has lovely colors, lots of texture, and a sense of balance. The skull in caged in a pewter colored box with a yellow brass ox hinged lid. The bottom has a vinyl insert to hold the skull in, but the four sides are open. Above the cage three stylized flowers in shades of purple, and blue/green hang from a link in the chain on the left and a dove of peace and a tiny brass heart hangs from the right. The gunmetal chain is almost 20 inches long, including the unique steel hand hammered clasp.
I leave it to your imagination to create the scenerio surrounding this little piece.  Let me if you come up with a great story.

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