Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the Lord I put My Trust

I'm usually a pretty laid-back, calm person, but I can get riled on occasion.  Afterwards I always look back and wonder why I got so bent out of shape.  I find more often than not, one of my close family members has stepped in my "only child territory".  This always gets my dander up.  Also I have an only child, so we clash occasionally over who's in charge.  We both want to be, because we are both pretty sure our way is best.  Then there is my hubby who has no sacred territory, but is a bit of a bulldozer; pushing things around to go his way, when I want the very opposite.  Goodness, but I want to push back.  We are great at compromising - the secret to a long happy marriage.

If I could just learn to live every day with this simple Psalm in mind, I know I would never worry again, when I don't get my way.

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