Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love This Ring!

I've made several rings in the past few months, but I'm so enamored with this one.  I think it is the most beautiful I've ever made.  The band is a wide 21mm or 13/16 inches; almost an inch.   The floral motif is deeply embossed and the sterling silver plated finish is slightly oxidized to highlight the design.  The dainty watch movement is from the 50ies and just fits the band.  But......most wonderful of all are the three Swarovski crystals that pop with sparkly color.  I've chosen Aquamarine, Volcano, and  Xillion Rose Sun with Aurora Borealis finish.  Just gotta this one.


  1. I just love the collection of Murray.She is very artistic in her work. Especially this ring shows her imagination to a very extend.This is a very unique piece.
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