Friday, May 6, 2011

Sugar, Penny, and Frassy

Who would have believed a year ago that these three little bundles of fluff would still be part of our household?  We only meant to keep them a little while and then find a good farm somewhere for them to live.

Tanna (above) called her little ball of fluff "Penny".  She is a bantum New Hampshire Red.  She comes running when Poppy goes to the back yard.  She's always hungry.

Liberty named her chick  Sassafras, but we all call her "Frassy".  She is a Black Australorp, and the only full size hen in the coop.  She has a sweet disposition and is a great egg layer.

Here is Poppy holding Frassy.  He is such a pushover for any sweet little pet.

I called the last little chick Sugar, because she was just so sweet.  She is the shy one, and will come running for food, but will only come really close for "baloney worms" - a treat we give them once in a while - baloney cut is 2-3" strips like worms. 

Here she is, on the right, as she looks today, at one year old.  Her colors are so rich and warm I just want to pet her, but she keeps her distance most of the time.  I love to open the door to the hen house when she is on the nest.  She always gives me a loud "aaaawwwwkkk".  I think it means, "Can't a girl have a bit of privacy!!!"

Frassy is a lovely big hen at one year old, with very black feathers with an iridescent sheen.   

And here below is the payoff for keeping these wonderful, fun-to-watch, interesting, beings in our back yard.  They lay 4 to 5 eggs every day or so.  Wish you were near; I'd share.

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