Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Sister Card

I love to make "sister" cards! Maybe that is because I never had a sister. Well, I didn't have a brother either, but those cards aren't as much fun to create - no flowers, frills, no fuss.

This one is similar to yesterday's card in several ways - the photo is the same - just trimmed into a square instead of an oval, and I used another fabric swatch on the left. The sentiment is the same - "sisters are different flowers from the same garden". The background is again from the one-of-a-kind paper I made by copying old letters and documents. The embellishment is bits and pieces from here and there. I crocheted the light colored flower and pulled the two reddish blooms from a bouquet of silk flowers. I threw away all the little plastic pieces and anchored the three flowers together with a large French knot of crochet thread. The leaves are from a fall arrangement that I no longer use. The black photo corners turned up in a bin of sale goods at a local business supply store.

Even though there are literally thousands of beautiful embellishments on the market, I find a lot of pleasure in using items from around my home and craft room. I've been collecting little "treasures" for a very long time, so now it's great to use them to decorate my cards. I try to look at a piece and see what can be done with it other than the intended or expected purpose. Take a look around your home; you'll find lots of great little treasures just waiting to become a part of a very special card.

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